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CBC Basketball Training provides fundamental skills training, speed and agility to our players that develop game-specific skills. Our goal is to teach our players in both private basketball training or group workout settings to produce in-game results. Open to CBC players of all ages and abilities.


Our Philosophy

We want our clients to learn how to play the game of basketball.  We want to share our love for the game with our players. We will focus on developing the following core attributes needed to be an effective offensive threat from anywhere on the court along with read and react to develop high basketball IQ:

It is important for every player to develop these individual offensive skills regardless of size. 

  • Shooting fundamentals

  • Proper footwork for pivots, shooting & finishing

  • Dribbling/Finishing with both hands

  • Proper pace and movement when dribbling

  • Rhythm with the basketball

  • Contested finishing

  • Understanding spacing

  • Moving without the ball

  • Decision making on shooting, dribble drives, recognizing what is available

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