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Group and private skills training sessions are offered to all CBC players.  Training will be incorporated with Strength, Speed, Quickness & Agility training.  The fundamental of basketball will be taught with focus areas of shooting form, footwork, passing skills, post and guard work.


Peak Performance offers players the opportunity to develop and master their fundamental skills and basketball IQ, strengthen their core basketball muscles while improving agility and learn the principles of new moves and techniques.  A typical workout will include:  strength and conditioning exercises, breakdowns of key fundamental moves and the teaching of high-school and college level tips, tricks and techniques


Sharp Shooter offers players the chance to get in extra shot repetitions in a high intensity, game-like environment.  This workout will focus on teaching proper shooting mechanics and footwork, introducing shooting in different situations, and pushing players to improve their shooting accuracy from both mid-range and 3-point distances.  Although this workout is shorter in length, it will provide more volume than other workouts


Elevation is all about giving players the opportunity to learn new moves and skills, then putting them into action in game situations.  Players will elevate their game to the next level by gaining a greater inventory of skills and trying them in a low pressure environment.  This workout will include 20 minutes of teaching and 40 minutes of pick-up games facilitated by a skills coach.

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