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Colorado Basketball Club (CBC) is dedicated to serving the youth in Colorado and developing players to play at the next level by supporting their academic and athletic goals.   Players have the opportunity to play on very competitive teams, which participate at the highest level of exposure based tournaments.  


We desire every athlete to DO their part to make this a better world.  We strive to develop quality individuals who value integrity, fairness, responsibility, self-discipline and maturity.  We expect our athletes to demonstrate good sportsmandhip on the court and to treat all people with respect at all times.


To use basketball as a platorm to teach life lessons, character development and how to become a leader both on and off the court.  

Great leaders set out to make a difference!!


We want to provide a program where nothing stands in the way of an athlete pursuing their goal to play at the next level.    We strive to break down barriers to give athletes every opportunity to achieve their goals.


To help athletes improve their basketball skills to be the best player possible.  This requires motivation, self-discipline, sacrifice and focused training. We want to inspire our players to work hard, get through the tough stuff and create a confidence to overcome their challenges. 

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