CBC's primary goal is for the safety of our players:  This year is different due to the pandemic and COVID-19 restrictions imposed by the state and by CHSAA.  No player should have to make a choice between playing with their high school team or attending a club tryout.

We believe that spring/summer club tryouts should not interfere with the high school season and that every high school athlete should have the opportunity to compete in the state playoffs.  We must mitigate the risk of the athlete’s exposure to the virus. By attending any large group gathering prior to March 14th, or during their season will put kids and high school teams at risk.  If they are exposed, they will be quarantined during the CHSAA state tournament and not able to participate.  The race to attract and retain players is NOT worth the risk.  We want our players to be healthy and safe, and we want them to be able to compete with their high school during the state tournament.  The risk is simply not worth it and we will continue to support our players and high school sports.  We appreciate your support and we will do the right thing even when it’s hard.  #theCBCway   

We will be holding our first tryout March 14th and any athlete that is playing in the final four will NOT be allowed to tryout at this time.


If you are interested in playing for CBC and on the Under Armour circuit (GUAA), PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION:                         


March 20 2021


Highlands Ranch High School

**Players who are competing in the State tournament are not required to participate.  


March 21, 2021


Parker FieldHouse

**Players are required to attend this tryout to secure a roster spot.


GUAA Teams:

17U  16U and 15U  Divisions

UA RISE Teams:

U17  U16, U15, U14

6 NCAA Viewing tournaments 

Practice: March 22-July 25

Two times per week to be held in South Denver



GUAA Sponsorship:  CBC is a GUAA s sponsored program.  

Grass Roots organization:  CBC develops, trains and prepares our players from an early age to compete at the next level

Commitment:  We ask that our players be committed and dedicated to their team.  Players are asked to attend all team practices and games.



Fees:  Will be based on team selection and tournament schedule.  All national travel expenses for the player are included in the fee.


Uniforms, Gear & Shoes:  Players will wear UnderArmour uniforms, shooting shirt, travel t-shirt, socks and shoes.  Under Armour backpacks will be provided for High School U17 U16 GUAA teams.  All other gear can be purchased at a reduced price via our team store.

Our coaches and players will proudly wear all Under Armour gear. 



Tammy Neuhaus




2 weekly team practices

Highly Qualified HS coaches

Intense Skill Driven Instruction


7-9 players

Dedicated High  Impact Players

Nationally Competitive


National Recognition by Coaches

College Preparation

Focus on Student Athlete