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Many parents have similar questions regarding club basketball. We hope that most of your questions are answered here. If not please contact us and we’d be glad to answer any questions you may have.

How do I get started?

Attend a try out session if available or contact CBC at and attend a practice for a player evaluation. Complete the player registration forms.

What is the focus of Colorado Basketball Club

Our goal is to provide hard earned recognition and visibility for our players affording them the opportunity to earn a college scholarship. We want to prepare our athletes toward the collegiate goal by incorporating strong fundamental training along with the highest level of play. We believe that entry into the top viewing events provides a solid framework for our athletes to be seen by college coaches. Practice and individual gym time is essential to the athlete’s success therefore we are selective to which tournaments we enter versus just playing a lot of games. Many college coaches are getting a head start in the recruiting process by viewing players in the 7th and 8th grade. We believe it is important for our 8th grade to learn the process of traveling and playing in high profile tournaments, therefore they will travel with the high school teams to some of the NCAA viewing tournaments.

Why Join Colorado Basketball Club

1.  DevelopmentPractice session will focus on fundamental skill development as well as team instruction. Athletes will continually be challenged and have competitive opportunities to learn and compete at the highest level.


2.  Quality CoachingOur coaching staff is primarily composed of superior High School and Middle School coaches who have a proven track record along with demonstrating a positive and supportive outlook with a solid technical background.


3.   Competitive ProgramsTournament schedules are designed to support player exposure for high school and 8th grade teams. We play on the East and West coast, as well as Adidas tournaments, Nike tournaments, US Junior Nationals, and other local and regional events.4.  ExposureOur Tournament schedules include 6 NCAA exposure events for high schools teams and 3 NCAA exposure events for the 8th grade team giving our athletes exposure to the best women’s basketball coaches in the nation. These are must attend tournaments and College coaches will be in attendance for evaluating athletes to determine a fit within their programs.5.  Invaluable ExperienceQuality instruction from coaches, higher level of competition and exposure levels is a must have for every athlete seeking the opportunity to play at the next level The positive life experience associated with regional and national tournament attendance gives athletes a broader view and depth of the type of talent they are competing against.

What is the difference between playing for a club and a high school team?

Club basketball provides a competitive athletic experience where athletes who are not yet seniors have the opportunity to compete in regional and national NCAA viewing tournaments across the United States. We prepare athletes how to compete at a high level and focus on the required skills development for the level of play required by NCAA Division I programs. This opportunity allows players to showcase their talents in front of many college coaches who evaluate prospective athletes for their college programs. The club high school season begins in March after the high school season has ended. The Middle school season runs year round. 

What if tryouts have occured, can we still join?

Please contact us at and let us know of your interest. You may also attend one of our practices for a player evaluation. Please see Practice schedule in the quick links section of the home page. There is not a guarantee that you will be placed on a team at this time.

When and where are practices held?

Practices for High School teams are slated for two to three times per week. Two of the practices will be held during the week and one practice on Saturday. Practices are two hours in length. The primary practice location will be Highlands Ranch High School. Secondary locations will be Arapahoe High School, Chaparral High School and middle schools. Practices for Middle School teams are slated for twice a week. Both practices will be held during the week. Practices are two hours in length and the primary practice location will be Cresthill Middle School. Secondary locations will be Rocky Heights Middle School and Ranchview Middle School. The exact times and practice locations are subject to change based upon gym time availability. All practices are mandatory.

What are the fees for club basketball

Colorado Basketball Club has two divisions a High School Division and a Middle School Division. The fees include: Registration Fees, Club Dues, Tournament Entry Fees, Uniform Fees and Coaching Fee’s. For National and Regional tournaments additional fees are required for travel expenses (airfare, lodging, and transportation).  Fees will vary based on tournament schedule. 

Do you have fund raising events?

Yes, we will be putting together a list of fund raising opportunities that will assist the players with the overall costs for the season. Each player will be asked to participate in at least one fundraiser.

What if my daughter would like to play but we cannot afford it

Please contact us. CBC will partner with you to raise funds via fundraising activities.

What team will my daughter play on and is she guaranteed a spot?

There are no guarantees for a roster spot on a particular team. CBC holds tryouts two times a year for the Middle School Division and one time per year for the High School Division. Coaches decide which team players will be placed. Teams are put together based on skill level. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee everyone will be placed on a team.

What are the 2020 Age Qualifications

Each grade division determines an athletes' participation in that division.  Competition in girl's basketball shall be determined by the following:

  • U17 - to be eligible players must have entered 12th grade or lower in the fall of 2020
  • U16 - to be eligible players must have entered 11th grade or lower in the fall of 2020
  • U15 - to be eligible players must have entered 10th grade or lower in the fall of 2020
  • U14 - to be eligible players must have entered 9th grade or lower in the fall of 2020
  • U13 - to be eligible players must have entered 8th grade or lower in the fall of 2020
  • U12 - to be eligible players must have entered 7th grade or lower in the fall of 2020
  • U11 - to be eligible players must have entered 6th grade or lower in the fall of 2020
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