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Donations for Players

Our goal is to provide a positive environment with quality coaching to inspire and empower young female athletes.  Today we provide opportunities to over 100 players each year to compete nationally.  Colorado Basketball Club is an approved 501(c)(3) non profit organization. 


CBC MISSION To provide a competitive athletic experience for young female athletes, where the values of hard work, responsibility, self discipline, motivation and team play are taught.  We are devoted to teaching athletes how to compete at a high level and will focus on the required skills development for High School players to compete at the college level.

Flight Board

Our schedule includes the following sites. Thousand Oaks, CA Des Moines, IA Wichita, KS Lousiville, KY Chicago, IL Denver, CO Players will compete nationally in front of college coaches for the opportunity to earn a college scholarship.


CBC GOAL To provide hard earned recognition for our players while assisting them in both athletic and personal success along with the opportunity to serve as in inspiration to their local communities.  We believe a commitment to excellence empowers the individual growth of all our players.  We have high expectations and high standards.  Character, family and education are part of the values emphasized through the program.


Donations will cover entry fees for tournaments, player airfare, transportation, and lodging.


CBC currently serves 100 players that are passionate about the game of basketball.


Relationships are built that will last a lifetime. We are devoted to teaching our players the value of hard work and dedication, along with the benefits of teamwork. These are lifelong lessons that will apply in all they do after their basketball career has ended.

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