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The Girls Under Armour Association is the top high school girl’s basketball league in the US.  The nation's best 36 teams are invited to participate and compete in the GUAA U17, U16 and Rise Division  U17 and U16 for GUAA  tournaments.  Teams must be approved to compete in the GUAA, Rise or Open Division.  The tournaments are designed to provide the highest level of competition and college exposure for players in all GUAA divisions. 


  • The GUAA U17 and U16 competes at the highest level for Division I prospects in the nation.

  • The Rise Division competes at the highest level for U17, U16, U15 players.

  • The Open Division competes at the highest level for U17, U16, U15 players.


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The GUAA series is a three-stop travel team circuit for Under Armour sponsored teams to gain exposure in front of college coaches, media outlets and their peers. Teams face high level national competition allowing players to prepare for the challenges and opportunities they will ultimately face in college. GUAA / Rise events are invite only. 

CBC Teams will play in the following NCAA exposure events:

  • GUAA Session I – Manheim, PA                                                                        April 24-26, 2020

    • Spooky Nook - 4 Games Pool Play

  • GUAA Session II – Indianapolis, IN                                                                  July 10-12, 2020

    • Pacer Athletic Center - 4 Games Pool Play

  • GUAA National Championships - Las Vegas, NV                                          July 23-25, 2020

    • Las Vegas Converntion Center - Bracket Play - s


                       SEASON SCHEDULE


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CBC Elite GUAA  U17                  --------------------------         GUAA U17 Division

CBC GUAA U16                            --------------------------         GUAA U16 Division

CBC GUAA U15                            --------------------------         GUAA U15 Division

CBC Rise U17                               ---------------------------        Rise Division U17

CBC Rise U16                               ---------------------------        Rise Division U16

CBC Rise U15                               ---------------------------        Rise Division U15

CBC Futures U14                         ---------------------------       Rise Division U14